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Quality car engine repair center in Dubai. From engine oil service to Engine overhaul or Engine replacement. Over 20 year of experience in this industry

Engine overhaul specialist in Dubai

At No 1 Auto repair center is fully equipped to perform all major engine overhaul work. Our technician has over 20 year experience in engine repair service. 

When car engine start making strange noise, or idle while accelerating or turn off it required an engine overhaul. Some time smoke blowing from the exhaust or car get overheats then it could spell serious engine damage. It is very hard to say without checking the car from a reputed auto service center like No1 Auto repairing center. After inspection need to take engine apart, clean it up and replace the damaged engine parts or seals and cylinder head reface to be done. This process is named as engine overhaul

At No1 Auto repair center has all the latest tool to perform Engine overhaul, From high end super cars to high end Japanese cars. En 

Engine Misfire repair

At No 1 Auto repair is fully equipped to perform engine misfire repair, From the sparkplugs replacement to the high end engine repair.  Initial diagnosis perform to identify the root cause of Misfiring, following to that repair to be completed by using relevant spare parts.

Call us : 0505566889 now for a engine misfire repair 

Engine Light diagnosis

At No 1 Auto repair perform a computerized diagnosis to identify the root cause of appearing the engine light. Engine light appear for several reason, Electrical failure, Mechanical issue, or any other engine related issue. We do have all latest diagnosis tool to perform car repair service.  

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